Who Provides Hardscaping Services in Lauderhill, FL?

Troop Landscaping can add a well-designed feature to your property

When you need to install a hardscape feature, like a retaining wall, you need professionals for the project. The experienced retaining wall builders at Troop Landscaping LLC can update your property in Lauderhill, FL.

We can draw from our experience with landscape design to create beautiful, livable outdoor spaces. You can choose from a variety of hardscaping services, such as:

  • Installing a stone patio with built-in seating
  • Replacing worn-out stairs with brick stairs
  • Expanding a paver walkway with new pavers

To find out more about what we can do for you, contact a local retaining wall builder today. We'll be happy to plan an addition to your hardscape.

Control soil erosion with a retaining wall

Have you noticed thin, patchy grass that falls out of soil easily? Does rainwater pull soil downhill frequently, staining your sidewalk or driveway? We can construct a stone or paver retaining wall to support the soil. Email us now for a free estimate on hardscaping services.